American TV Station calls Gypsies Travelling Con-Artists

In a broadcast, and post on their website, entitled “Fraud Alert: Rip Off Pavers In Your Neighborhood” of Thursday, December 6, 2007, the American TV Station WCIV-TV of Mount Pleasant, SC, declared that people should beware of Gypsy pavers. “They are called gypsies because they are a traveling group of con-artists”, writes Katie Newingham of WCIV-TV.

In one single sentence this “journalist” and her TV station have villified an entire ethnic People, namely the Rom, regardless of whether any or none of those pavers the warning was issued about are Romani or not, and have once again in the eyes of the general public made us, the Rom, out to be thieves, fraudsters and con-artists.

The Romani Institute, in a protest letter sent to the station, addressed to its president and chief executive, has demanded a public apology, and requested this to be made on their station and network, as well as in the general media in the USA and Europe. In addition the Romani Institute has demanded that any such statement be emailed to the Romani Institute so that it can be published on the media sites operated on behalf of the Romani Institute.

We shall see what happens though I must say that I certainly am not holding my breath, knowing the attitude that the US media and especially the gutter press and gutter TV has towards the Gypsy People and even the law enforcement community insists on calling Gypsies names.

Here is also the address of the TV Station just in case one or the other reader would like to make his or her feelings known to the president and CEO as well.

888 Allbritton Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Anyone wishing for a copy of the original post, which is, so I believe, a transcript of the station's output, can receive a PDF of this by email upon request – the same too as regards to a copy of the protest letter by the Romani Institute to the TV Station.

© Michael Smith (Veshengro), December 2007