Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims

According to the Daily Mail (UK newspaper) of April 1, 2007 (in the hope that this was no April Fools) a government study has revealed that schools in the UK are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons (I must say here that most schools never really taught it properly anyway) to avoid offending Muslim pupils.

The study found that teachers are reluctant to cover the Holocaust and the Nazi atrocities against Gypsies and Jews, and other groups of people, for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include the denial of the Holocaust. Oh dear! Poor darlings. In many EU countries the denial of the Holocaust is a crime. Maybe it should be made thus in the UK.

In addition to this it would appear that schools are also afraid to teach about the 11th century Crusades because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques about this subject.

I must say that I am having rather a hard time with this. I hate to admit this but I do.

Chris McGovern, History Education adviser to the to the former Tory government is right, in my opinion, when he said: “History is not a vehicle for promoting political correctness. Children must have access to knowledge of the controversial subjects, whether palatable or unpalatable.”

It is, and I have said this in a previous article already, high time that the British government and those of other EU countries stood up and said “Dosta!”, as we would say, that is to say; “Enough is enough!” and make is crystal clear to those who was to impose their views and laws onto other people in the countries where they have chose to live that this is not the way. If they are so eager to live under Sharia Law then what are they doing here in countries where there is another set of values in operation, be this in the EU, the USA, Canada or Australia/New Zealand? No one is forcing them to be here.

I am not saying that they mus assimilate, g-d forbid, and give up their beliefs and customs in the same way that we, the Rom, wish to be able to retain and maintain our Culture and Traditions and as I call for us, the Rom, to be allowed to live according to our ways and customs but without imposing that on the non-Romani society. The UK and the USA, for instance, are not Muslim countries. They have to come to understand that while they may not believe in the Holocaust or that the Holocaust has happened as it is being taught the Holocaust is nevertheless a fact of history and that not only Jews (which they seem to hate with a vengeance) were murdered by the Nazi extermination machinery but also other races, including and especially our Race, the Rom. (My apologies to all the Jews, but the Holocaust is not uniquely Jewish, however much their leadership may with to make it thus and neither were/are pogroms only something that has been/is committed against Jews; Gypsies too suffered many pogroms in the same way as Gypsies were part of the Holocaust – and no, we do not defile the memory of the Holocaust by wishing to be associated with it – and for the same reason as the Jews, namely that of Race).

The Crusades too are a fact and a part of history and must be according to the truth and if that offends some Muslims because, maybe, it shows, Saladin or whoever, in a less favorable light that he is portrayed by the local mosques then so be it and it is neither here nor there. The truth must be taught.

It is time for a resounding “Dosta!” from the governments and time to stop pandering to them out of fear; the fear of violent demonstrations, riots and attacks because they have been offended, like over the cartoons in the Danish newspapers. That is giving in to terror and then the governments might as well straight away surrender and let those people set up their laws and courts (some Muslim courts already exist in the UK). But when the Rom ask to be allowed to administer their own systems, even only in a small way, they they are told that this cannot be done. The Rom probably are too peaceful?

© M Veshengro Smith, April 2007