Sharia Law compliable Bonds

London, April 23, 2007

The British government considers issuing bonds that are compliable with Sharia Law so that Muslim interested in investing can do so without qualms, as, under Sharia Law, interest is illegal.

While I can understand this to some degree (and could someone please tell me how the Arab banks work) I am afraid that I feel that this is yet another concession to the militant Muslims in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe). The UK and the EU are being held to ransom by terrorists and this from people who claim that they do not negotiate with terrorists. If this is not basically the same, and we must not forget that, as far as this author is aware, there are already twelve Sharia Law courts in this country while I do not know of any Jewish courts (aside from the fact that most law officers in the UK appear to be Jewish) and when the Rom want courts of their own, and that only in order to settle matters of the Culture, then they are told that they cannot.

As I have said before in some articles on this subject I am afraid to say that I can see the vision of the late Enoch Powell come true in the not so distant future if the authorities in the UK and the EU do not get some – and pardon my language – balls and put a stop to this pandering to terrorists.

© M V Smith, April 2007