Romany Nation's Order of Honor

3. 10. 2005

Alexander N. Bariev, the president of Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Roma (FNKA) informed Dzeno Association that the Parliament of International Romany Union (IRU) and the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Russian Roma constituted the 1-st International Ethnic Order 'Honor and Dignity of the Nation' for Romany people.

IRU and FNKA will confer the Order on personalities who contribute to the preservation of Romany identity, culture and language improving the education and socio-economic conditions of Roma.

The Order is 50x50 mm of size, it is gold made with an 8 star form for a total weight of 45,43 gr. A stylized wheel of Romany van is inserted inside the star and 8 diamonds of 0,04 carats are disseminated on the contact points of the rundles. The inside wheel is divided in two colored parts: blue, symbol of the sky, and green, symbol of the grass. On the reverse side it is written 'For the contribution to the development of Romany culture' with the Order's serial number and names of its institutors. The Order is worn on the breast's left side.

You can obtain more information about the newly established Order from FNKA's president Alexander N. Bariev at (Dzeno Association)

Oh, how lovely. The International Romani Union (or is that now International Roma Union - neither I nor they are anymore sure, I am sure) has found yet another way to waste lova from the E.U. and other government and non-government sources (and they - or better the ERTF who themselves get E.U. and CE funding) call for member organizations to be financially independent from outside funding, especially government funding) on something much more important than actually improving the lot of the poor grassroots Romani People worldwide. Now they have created a medal, a so-called "order" - just like the "Order of Lenin" - and this from sonekai (gold). Jesus wept! The cost of gold for this piece - at current gold price (and that keeps going up and up) - rather horrendous and, in my estimate, will reach around $1000 per single "gong", minimum, inclusive of manufacture and setting up charges.

I entirely agree with the sentiment that any individual who has genuinely achieved something for the Romani People, be he or she Romani or Gohja, should be given some kind of recognition but I am sure this could have been achieved cheaper, without demeaning the gift of a medal, etc., by having a medal of honor struck, like many military medals, from a some good base metal or even from rup (silver) - which is a lot cheaper than sonekai - and presented it to the recipient with a nice certificate and maybe a little useful gift as an additional memento. I am sure any genuine supporter of the Romani Cause to be honored by such a presentation would rather see that done than receive such a medal at such a cost.
On top of that, I believe, there are a lot of questions that should and must be asked in regards to this:

Who is intended to manufacture the "order"? Will it be a Gypsy or a Gohja contractor?

Which among the "Baros" will receive the order and "How much lova will they need to have scammed from Amare Fohki" before they qualify as a recipient of the Order?

… and indeed many more questions could be asked, such as, and this is a very valid one "who will be responsible for nominating the worthy recipients and who will decide who is the most worthy of them to be awarded the order?" In other words: 2what are the criteria"? Does it depend on how much lova one has collected and channeled into the putsies of the Braros?

More questions than answers, I am sure, and I doubt that this will ever be an honest affair judging from the way that everything in the IRU and the Gypsy Industry has been going for the last many decades.