Anti-Roma Violence in Pskov

(September 27, 2005) Russia

A previously unknown nationalist group may be behind attacks on Roma (Gypsies) in Pskov, according to a September 26, 2005 report by the Sova Information-Analytical Center. Citing a report by the Petersburg branch of the human rights NGO Memorial, Sova reported that leaflets calling for violence against Roma were circulated in the city, accusing them of drug trafficking and comparing them to spiders. The leaflets were signed by a movement calling itself Free Russia and called for Pskov residents to provide it with lists of names and addresses of Roma living in the city.

On August 30, a Roma named Vladimir Berezovsky was kidnapped and murdered. Afterwards, his family began to receive threats, which police reportedly refused to investigate. However, police are looking into his murder and the September 2005 beating of local Roma Aleksandr Mikhailov. Reportedly, his assailants preceded their attack by asking him his ethnicity and even mentioned the murder of Mr. Berezovsky.

Russia certainly is not a healthy place for Romani People to live. We seem to see one attack of this nature after the other. And what are the representatives of the Romani People doing about this. Kek - nixes - nothing.