Two Romany families clash, threaten to kill, rape

NOVY BOR (PDM staff with CTK) 1 August -

A dispute between two large Romany families erupted in the North Bohemian town of Novy Bor, the local edition of Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) reported Saturday.

MfD writes that two Romany businessmen in construction have clashed: Dusan Gorol and Miroslav Tancos. They own construction businesses which compete. Moreover, both of them have political ambitions.

Gorol is active in the Czech Romany Civic Association, while Tancos established the Romany Democratic Social Party this year, but he did not accept members of Gorol's family in it.

Novy Bor mayor Radek Nastic has summoned both of them in the presence of police. "Both families have started a great conflict. We want to keep in order in the town and I have asked Gorol and Tancos to calm down the hotheads and try and settle their dispute," Nastic said.

The feud of the Romany families is accompanied with the statements such as "Today you will be blown up. If not, we have weapons and we will shoot dead all of you. You'd better protect your women and children," the daily wrote. Family members have reportedly aimed firearms and each other and thrown pitchforks.

"I live in fear. When I am at work, I constantly look around whether someone is approaching me. I do not know how to protect my three small children," said Josef Tancos, who sides with the Gorols. He is afraid that the Tancos family will take revenge on him.

The Tancos family say that the Gorols envy their activity in the new party. The Romany Democratic Social Party want to place Romanies in Parliament. But its leader, Miroslav Tancos, does not have a clean criminal record, MfD writes, adding that in the past he was sentenced for fraud and investigated for rape.

The provocations started four years ago when one of the Tancos family threatened some Gorols with an automatic rifle. This year, the situation came to a head again. Gorol and Tancos are cousins.

In the past days, Gorol had to find shelter for his children among relatives outside Novy Bor. He was afraid to return home and preferred to stay in a hotel in a different town, the daily wroted.

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Another sad case of where the behavior of some Roma is not very conducive to giving the Gohja world a good picture of ourselves. Feuds like this, though at different levels, are not uncommon, I know that, but do we really have to behave like the Mob? No wonder some people speak of a Gypsy Mafia. There is, however, a problem also with the headline. Nowhere, as far as I can see from this article, has the aggressor mentioned that he or they would initiate the "r"-word. He may have, once, been investigated for that crime but it does not say either whether he was found guilty.