Education Ministry to support poor Romany students

Prague, 17. 8. 2005, 19:26 (CTK)

The Romany secondary school students whose families could not bear the cost of the studies, the ministry press department told CTK today. Education facilities can apply for a contribution for Romany students' studies, meals, travel expenses and accommodation for September to December till the end of September. Only students who regularly attend school and have no greater discipline problems can be included in the "Support to Romany secondary school pupils" programme, the ministry said.

The title of a student is considered by an Education Ministry commission, which also comprises representatives of regional offices, the Interior Ministry, the Labour and Social Affairs Ministry and the Government Council for Romany Affairs. The ministry has earmarked 10 million crowns for the programme.


Well, I do hope the readers can understand what they are trying to say. I was having a little difficult with the first sentence for sure. But the lova is only for students who regularly attend brainwashing classes and who are brainwashed enough not to stand out as different, the ministry say, in so many words. We have to be able to read between the lines when it comes to governments saying things and I sure hope that Amare Fohki are capable of doing that.