PCC shuts down journalist's Blog for telling the truth

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Press Complaints Commission shuts down Spectator Blog for saying that the majority of all crimes in London are committed by Afro-Caribbean youth; which is, after all true.

This is, once again, is political correctness gone wrong and, in fact, much more. It is an attempt to rewrite the truth. Had the journalist talked about Gypsies in this way nothing, nothing whatsoever, would have happened, even if he would have been wrong.

The journalist in question is not wrong, however, for it is indeed, and that is fact and can be verified with police statistics, the truth that the majority of all crimes in the capital are committed by young black people, and here young black men in particular.

But, obviously, one cannot say that, as regards to the Afro-Caribbean young people, while at the same time every Gypsy can be painted with the same brush of being a tramp, a con-artists, a thief; in short, a criminal.

Personally, I must say that I am not surprised at all; I am just annoyed of the way we are acting and suppressing the truth, while at the same time the media and others are allowed to malign the Gypsy community.

Let's call a spade a spade and a shovel and shovel...

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