Kent's controversial Chief Constable set to become Chief Inspector of CPS

This is all we need!

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Chief Constable of the Kent Police, Michael Fuller, the first black chief constable, who has allowed, nay basically ordered, his officers to act unlawfully against peaceful environmental protesters is set to being offered, so it would appear, the job of next head of the Crown Prosecution Service.

This is the very chief constable who is facing questions over climate protest and it is amazing that if someone screws up gloriously in the position of a county's chief cop he gets offered the job of running the country's highest prosecution service. Like always in the civil service. Good G-d!

The Kent Constabulary, nowadays Kent Police, has always been somewhat of a rogue police force in this country, breaking the people left, right and center, and unwarranted searches of Gypsy Sites and Gypsy homes being just one of those manifestations.

So far any Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police who has come to the force having previously been the Chief Constable of the Kent Police has been “tainted” with this attitude.

When the freedom of peaceful protesters get trampled under foot as in Kent at the Kingsnorth Power Station, the G20 protest in 2008 and then now recently at the COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the same attitude was seen by police officers who seem to have taken tuition from cops from over here, then people must ask as to whether that is going to be the new European way of policing, all over the European Union, and Kent and other parts of the UK being a stalking horse and training ground.

It has become obvious that the Kent Police has stepped well out of line with policing the protest against the coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth and also by giving the security personnel of the power company police powers, basically, and the current Chief Constable of the Kent Police should be held accountable for those actions. The officers, after all, are acting on his orders. Instead, it would appear that he is going to be rewarded with the top job of the Crown Prosecution Service. How ironic!

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