Who owns your children?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

“What a silly question” many readers, and especially those who are parents, are going to think right now, and, like most people, they will regards that they, the parents, “own” their children.

I know, everyone thinks that, basically, the parents “own” their children but this, in the governments’ eyes, is not the case, regardless of what they may say otherwise.

However, according to the way the government(s) and powers-that-be see it it is they, the powers-that-be, who own your children, dearest readers, regardless of what they, the powers-that-be may say and claim to the contrary.

You may think me crazy but the fact is that the powers-that-be definitely do think that they own your children, everyone’s children, and the fact and truth of the matter is that they not just think thus; they do own your children in the way the laws have been framed.

You, their parents, are only permitted to look after them (as long as you do the job of caring for them according to the decrees of the governments.) feed them, clothe them, send the to government brainwashing institutions, called schools, and such, using, obviously, in the main your own money to do that all. All so you can call them “your children”.

However, if and when they state sees fit to come and take them from you because the powers that be have decreed that your upbringing is against the rules, they will surely do so.

If you happen to, as done under many of the social systems that are operative in many countries you receive monies from the state “for” your children, called in Britain “child benefit” and in Germany, for example, Kindergeld (children money), this becomes even more obvious and the state very quickly also interferes in how you raise your offspring.

And you still think that you “own” your children and have any rights to teach them the way you want them to be taught and all that. Think again.

© 2009