Italy is a xenophobic and racist country

The data from the report made up by Ismu (an organization promoting studies, research and projects on multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society) reveals that Italy is a xenophobic and racist country.

Ismu has published its data from the national report on the presence of foreigners in Italy. There are 4,328,000 foreign citizens living in Italy, about 8% of the total population of our country. Some of the figures in the report are disconcerting and reflect the institutional persecution against immigrants.

Of particular note is that on 30th June, 2008 out of 55,057 inmates in Italian prisons, 20,167 of them were foreigners. According to a xenophobic vision, this data would show that foreigners have a much greater tendency to commit crime than the Italians. However, the record profits of last year made by Italian organized crime, amounting to 130 billion euro, would prove otherwise. What is more, according to all the research carried out by modern sociology, there is no such thing as a population that possesses a greater tendency to commit criminal acts than other populations. And yet the magistrates have sentenced foreign citizens in Italy, not in the ratio of 8 per cent, which would be in line with sociological studies and common sense, but in the totally amazing ratio of 37 per cent.

This revelation shows beyond any shadow of doubt that both police and legal persecution is underway. If we then analyse the percentages of inmates of Roma origin the figures become grotesque: there are some prisons in which the inmates from the Roma ethnic group amount to over 30%, while the Roma – now less than 60,000 in Italy – barely amount to 0,1 % of the total population.

Source: EveryOne Group