Euro MP of Roma origin basically OKs Italy's fingerprinting of Gypsies

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Hungarian MEP of Roma origin, always acclaimed to be the “first” Gypsy MEP (which she is not), Livia Jaroka, basically OKed the fingerprinting of Gypsies in Italy.

She said that this was being done with good intentions and that the fingerprinting will help Roma integration.

Now what can one say to that bar that with such people of our own in politics the Romani People do not stand a chance. Former MEP, to whom the honor falls of having been the first Romani MEP, Juan de Dios Ramirez Heredia of Spain, who is still a member of the Cortez, I understand, publicly condemned the actions of the Italian government as fascist and racist. What is it, though, with this woman?

Has she never spoken with those of our People who lived through the Holocaust or has she never read any of the accounts of those who have experienced the nazi persecution of the Gypsy? Apparently not. It was the same actions were the overture to that which in the end led to the murder of half a million to a million and a half of Gypsies in Europe.

But Blood alone, and this proves it once again, does not a Gypsy make. Being raised in the Culture and Traditions probably counts a lot more even. The proof of this is those adopted children that were and are not Gypsy by Blood and Race but but by having been adopted and raised as Rom by Rom are probably more tatcho than some that may be Rom by Blood but that being all.

While I do not know Livia Jaroka nor her upbringing she does seem to lack the feeling for all Gypsy People though, judging by her statements that have been treported in the press and elsewhere.

Maybe the fact that Livia Jaroka herself is a member of the center-right group has something to do with her take on the fascist regime of Silvio Berlusconi doing this fingerprinting and data collection for the benefit of the Roma.

Anyone got an alarm clock for this lady? She needs a wake up call for sure.

© M Smith (Veshengro), August 2008