We have come out on behalf of the wrong side

When the forces of the United Nations and the European Union/NATO arrived in Kosovo as “peacekeepers” the leading officer, a Brit, remarked something like “Oh my God! We have come out on behalf of the wrong side”. He had realized that the world had been lied to by the Kosovo Albanians.

There was no ethnic cleansing perpetrated against Kosovo Albanians, against the Muslim population of Kosovo, from the side of the Serbs. On the contrary. The shoes, in fact, was on the other foot. It was the “ethnic” Albanians of Kosovo that were doing the ethnic cleansing against Gypsies and also against the Serbs. Their aims was – and still is – a Kosovo for Albanians and in due course the aim is to incorporate Kosovo into a “Greater” Albania. A dream for the Albanians in Kosovo as well as the Albanians of Albania, this “Greater” Albania.

The Kosovar Albanians' aim was to get all Gypsies and Serbs out of “their” Kosovo and then the Serbs were having none of it and retaliated, with arms, against the armed aggression, the Kosovar Albanians of the Muslim faith called “foul” and called onto the world for help, claiming to be the victims of ethnic cleansing.

Though nothing could have been further from the truth the world, at large, bought into that lie and sent out forces against the Serbs in Kosovo.

The ones that suffered most in this ethnic cleansing from the sides of the Albanian Kosovars are the ethnic Gypsy, whether Roma, Egyptians, or Ashkali. They were driven out from their Mahalas and are still in IDP camps.

Those camps, run by UNMIK, are contaminated with lead to such a degree that children and also adults are dying from the effects of lead poisoning or are becoming severely brain damaged. UNMIK is well aware of this bu will not resettle those Gypsies.

All UNMIK is prepared to do is to send the Gypsies back to their old Mahalas – that are still in the hands of the Albanians – and as soon as they return there they are beaten up and shot at again.

What is the United Nations' game as far as the Romani People of Kosovo are concerned? And I am talking here about the initial backing for the Kosovar Albanians as well as the treatment of the Gypsy People in the IDP camps inside Kosovo, as well as the fact that only due to UNMIK's insistence that Kosovo is not dangerous for the Gypsies that none of those have been accepted as official refugees with a right to remain in any of the countries they fled to; those that did not end up in the camps.

The commander of the peacekeepers at his very arrival in Kosovo realized that they had come out to support the wrong side but why is no one doing anything about it?

Why? Because those really only affected, aside from the Serbs, that everyone is trying to hit on the head as well, it would appear, ever since the incidents in Bosnia, are the Roma, Egyptians and Ashkali, that is to say, the “dirty Gyppos”.

The UN is, in fact, aiding and abetting ethnic cleansing of the Gypsy People from Kosovo and their own settlements within that country. What is the agenda?

Food for thought...

© M Smith (Veshengro), July 2008