Media Release - International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism


The largest pan-European network against intolerance commemorates the night of Broken Crystals to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and speak up about the danger of hatred in the European present days, where according to several reports, new and old forms of Antisemitism and related intolerance are growing.

The 9th of November 1938 marked the first step of the extermination of European Jewish citizens. More than 2500 deaths are attributable to this pogrom. Hundreds of Jewish citizens were beaten to death and 30 000 were deported to concentration camps.

Right-wing extremism is an increasing force in the entire continent, hate crimes against vulnerable people are turning into a permanent and invisible Night of Broken Crystals. Official and unofficial reports show that the number of hate crimes has been growing enormously during the last years. According to the European Crime and Safety Survey of the Fundamental Rights Agency, 9 million people have experienced some form of hate crimes in 18 European countries in 2004. Extreme right political parties gain influence and are elected into democratic institutions.

According to reports of the Anti-Defamation League, a large number of Europeans express anti-Jewish attitudes and refer to the classical conspiracy theories that Jewish had to endure through the centuries. It seems that lessons of the past are not painful enough to avoid intolerance in the present.

Activists from all around Europe, from Russia to Spain and from Italy to Finland, will prepare hundred of activities to warn about the danger of repeating the darkest hours of European history.

Additional Information:
UNITED for Intercultural Action is a network of 560 organisations all over Europe working against racism and fascism. Activities at the local level in the framework of the campaign around 9 November are carried out by organisations from more than 35 countries. The campaign is coordinated and stimulated by the UNITED International Secretariat in Amsterdam.

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We will be happy to supply you with contact information of organisations in your country/city/workingfield that are involved in this year's campaign.

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