“If I had Dynamite I would just blow them all up”

Czech Senator Liana Janackova advocates blowing up Gypsies or would like them locked up in ghettos behind high walls, barbed wire and gates.

It would appear that nothing is new in the EU as to how Romani-Gypsies are going to be treated despite all the good talk which is nothing but hot air.

There are already concentration camps being contemplated or even being set up as we speak in on EU country – under the guise of so-called “solidarity villages”, actual ghettos proposed that will be settlements with high walls, barbed wire and gates (to protect the Rom from attacks by Nazis they claim – now don't make me laugh) in another, forced integration – for that read “assimilation” - in yet another, and the wholesale sterilization of Gypsy girls and women in some other EU member states; and still they dare to talk about how good the EU is for us, the Rom.

Yes, sure, I guess, in the same was a work made our People free in places such as Auschwitz.

The organization that claims to be the representative of all Rom (and Travellers) in Europe also is rather conspicuous by its silence. When will the People wake up to the fact that the Gadje governments and organizations cannot be trusted when it comes to the affairs of the Romani People, our People, and that neither can Rom organizations that have Gadje amongst their leadership, that are funded by Gadje government bodies, such as the Council of Europe. Any organization that has any of them basically as paymasters bankrolling its operations is hardly going to speak out against what they do. They do not bite the hand that feeds them.

While the claims are always made that the Council of Europe does not equal European Union, in reality, things do look rather different and somehow, so it seems to me at least, the Council of Europe is a or even the major string puller and controlling body of the EU and the Euro-Parliament. Why, if it be not so, are the Commissioners of the Council of Europe/the European Commission so powerful? It is all one entity, divided into little bits so as to appear different to the outsiders.

In order to live as a People the Rom have only one chance and that is to stop letting groups funded by such sources speak for us and we must fund our own organizations – only in this way can we ever hope to achieve independence from the Gadje.

I do know that the likes of RK and others try to claim that the Gadje owe us funding and all that for the mistreatment we have received as a People at their hands over the centuries. Be that as it may and they may indeed owe us, but not in the way of lova. Or can you be bought? Me and my Gypsy Pride are not for sale.
The fact is, in all honesty, that no one owes us anything – we have to fight for it. Freedom is NOT given, it has to be fought for, and often paid for with the highest price. We can, however, never ever hope to achieve freedom as long as our organizations and the “leaders” are in the pockets of Gadje paymasters.

So far the ERTF has made no statement with regards to the concentration camps for Rom well outside Rome, away from schools, etc. but apparently so Gypsy kids can get an education (how please?) but had lots to say in response to a report that claimed that the majority of child beggars in Italy are Eastern European Roma. It would appear that it is more important to the ERTF to counter such a report than to speak out and do something about those camps, those so-called “solidarity villages”. Solidarity, my a**!

Awake Romani People, Arise! Throw of the fetters of slavery!

© M V Smith, July 17, 2007