British gypsies in court over squatting

ESSEX, England, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A group of 86 gypsy families in England is challenging eviction orders for building homes on parkland without permits.
The group first moved to the Crays Hill area of Essex five years ago in trailers, with the permission of a local council, Sky News said.

But since then, they have been purchasing neighboring land and building permanent housing without permits. Local officials served an eviction notice, which was challenged, and are awaiting a court hearing.

Gypsy spokeswoman Kathleen McCarthy said there are other gypsy settlements in England, but to get into one could mean years of being on a waiting list, the report said.

The report said if the eviction goes through, it will cost local and national officials about $3.5 million to enforce and clean up afterwards.

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Kathleen McCarthy in NOT a Gypsy but an Irish Traveller therefore she cannot be a Gypsy spokeswoman. Only Romani can be referred to as Gypsies as only the Romani People fit the dictionary description of what a Gypsy is "one of a wandering race (sic) from Northern India".
There are no such things as "Gypsy settlements" in England. They are called "official" Gypsy sites and are Council/local authority operated and many have been taken over by force, nigh on, by Irish Travellers with the resident Romani being displaced and forced back onto the road. Calling Irish Travellers falsely Gypsies is an attempt to give them the ethnic minority protection that is due only to the Romani-Gypsy in the UK.
What stops the Irish Travellers from living in ordinary houses? They are nothing but Gohja (non-Gypsies) in trailers claiming to be Gypsies. In the USA many people would refer to them, rightly, as "Trailer Trash". But living in houses in ordinary areas does not make the placing of trucks and rubbish all that easy. Nuff said!