Travellers enjoy last day in the sun

By Finlo Rohrer BBC News

The Irish traveller settlement at Crays Hill near Wickford in Essex is a human dilemma.

Up to 500 travellers are said to live there but the temporary planning permission for the site, granted by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott two years ago, expired at midnight on Friday.

Now the travellers are fighting for the survival of their community in the face of a council that will evict them if they refuse to leave.

They say all they want is a place to live, education for their children and an end to living by roadsides and constant moving.

But local residents in the "settled" community complain of noise, dangerous driving, vandalism, litter, and intimidation. More...

At least, finally, the truth has come out and the BBC calls a spade a spade by calling it "the Irish traveller settlement", as there are NO Romani People on that particular settlement but only Irish. And those also, it would appear, are not those Irish Travellers that have been in the UK for donkeys year but rather those that came here in the last couple of years when the Republic of Eire changed its rules about the stationing of caravans on one's own land. So, the truth is out and that is good so. This way the "battle" there should not be confused with those fought by the Romani ethnic minority in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. While we, the Romani People, are a proper ethnic group the majority of Irish Travellers are nothing but Irish Gohjas in trailers, let's face it. I know the truth hurts but that's a fact.

Shame the BBC still has not realized, unlike David Altheer from The Times newspaper, that there are very few Roma in the UK and that those, resident legally at the Cray's Hill area, next door to the illegal Irish settlement, are Romanichal. I do know that the BBC likes to be very politically correct nowadays but it is not good to try to be thus when that is plainly wrong and upsets the People concerned. The notion that the BBC follows of all Romani People being Roma is that purpertrated by certain self-acclaimed experts in Romani Studies in the UK and elsewhere but those notions are plainly wrong. The Romanichal are NOT Roma but Sinti and therefore should be classed as Romanichal or, simply, Romani because "while all Roma are Romani not all Romani are Roma" therefore please, dear BBC and others, address us properly as Romanichal, Romani or, if you have to Romanies in the plural but NOT as Roma.