No Prosecution for Carnival "Gypsies"

Attorney General decides “not enough evidence”.

This is an update to the article in O NEVO DROM #1 – Spring 2005 (the entire issue of this newsletter is downloadable as a PDF documents from O NEVO DROM Yahoo)…

The attorney general of the region covering Berg, near Ravensburg, in Germany, an area that has many, many Sinti families living within its territory, has closed the investigations for “incitement to national/racial hatred” against the church choir of Berg which in the carnival procession on January 29, 2005 had a float that featured its members dressed up as Gypsies and the float bearing the slogan “Zack, zack, Zigeunerpack”, which, roughly translated, would be “Get a move on, Gypsy scum” because of lack of evidence and this despite a number of complaints that have been lodged with the office of the attorney general. However, his office decided that there are no charges to answer because, in his view, there was no intent and malice and because this has been going on for many years in this carnival in that members of various organizations and charities dressed up as Gypsies and had floats with similar slogans in the processions. Well even more reason to actually prosecute them, I would say. But then, being Gypsy and feeling offended by such actions, I would say that you might say. Seeing this is not the first incidence of that kind by various organizations, including the church community on various occasions, should make the law enforcement want to do something, I should think. Had such an attack, however, been aimed at Jews, for instance, with the float reading “Zack, zack, Judenpack” the perpetrators would have been arrested and charged rather speedily and would have been, I should imagine, given a custodial sentence in court, if even only a symbolic and short one. But,a s per usual, nothing happens when it affect Gypsies, and this is NOT only so in Germany. The UK sees similar occurrences day in day out nearly from the sides of the media and even mainstream politicians and political parties. Who mentioned Michael Howard and the Tories?

It is high time the Romani Gypsy People rose up as one and showed the world, like the Jews did and do, that we will NOT be treated in such a manner. The problem is though that the more these things happen the more our People seem to go into hiding and like ostriches stick their heads into the sand trying to hide their ancestry and origins and thereby denying themselves and giving the oppressors more power.

Enough is enough.
Ushti Opre Romale!

It is time to stand up and be counted (literally).

© Veshengro, April 9, 2005